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Whether you plan to stay in your home or sell it, you should seek professional help to improve its livability and maximize its value. Our experience and dedication will support you from design to implementation. We specialize in home remodeling, providing customized solutions that save you money, time, and hassle.

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About Us

Royaume Renovations

We are committed to providing the highest quality services and craftsmanship possible. Our crew are remodeling, hardscaping and concrete construction professionals and look forward to bringing their experience and expertise to your next project.
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Royaume Renovations was founded on compassion – love for your project and your satisfaction; desire for sticking to schedules and budgets; and desire for work perfection. We listen to our clients—it is embedded in our DNA to be able to take a dream and turn it into a reality.

Whether you’re creating a dream home or remodeling an existing one to reflect your new visions, we know that this process demands an ongoing commitment to quality and strong communication. We aim to perfect our principles and incorporate them into each project that we do.

Our Remodeling Services

Our home remodeling solutions incorporate high-quality materials and craftsmanship into attractive and useful designs. We use color, texture, and architectural design to enhance curb appeal while increasing livability, allowing you to enjoy your perfect home. We pay close attention to detail and make no compromises. Above all, we value quality and customer happiness.
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Kitchen Remodeling

The kitchen remodeling process is sometimes difficult and over budget due to a large number of options available. We help smooth the remodeling and decision-making process, and because we design and build your kitchen, we help keep the cost down so you don’t end up with architectural drafting plans that are significantly more expensive than expected.
bathroom with double sink vanity

Bathroom Remodeling

By remodeling your bathroom, you breathe new life into your home. You get to start each day in a bathroom that you designed! This can be an excellent way to begin your day. There are numerous ways to modify a bathroom. You might want to only replace the shower or bathtub, or you may choose to completely remodel and start over.
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Home Additions and Expansions

For some homes, the existing living space is simply insufficient. Too many people compete for the same bathroom, or there is insufficient space for the entire family to socialize and enjoy one another’s company. If the limitations of your home are beginning to strangle you, it may be time to consider building a home addition.
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Exterior Remodeling

We aim to provide our clients with high-quality work on all of our exterior remodeling jobs. Therefore, whether you’re looking to transform your exterior space or simply need a general contractor who will follow your vision and ensure you fall in love with your new home, you can rest assured that we will be by your side every step of the way, providing excellent customer service, be on time, and also within budget.

Attic & Basement Remodeling

Finishing an attic or basement is a significant undertaking. Even the simplest attic and basement finishing projects will almost certainly involve the addition of walls, a floor, and a ceiling. That’s already quite comprehensive, given the amount of insulation and other material used to build normal walls. Whatever vision you have for your attic or basement, we can assist you in making it a reality. Let’s transform your unfinished space into a true extension of your home.

Customer Reviews

“His work was professional and well done. If something wasn’t to my liking, he corrected it. Was very in tune with my wishes. We are doing some more work in the spring and will be asking for a bid from him. He is reasonably priced as well.”

Barry Shaffer

“We were so blessed to have Royaume Renovations to paint our home. Their painting skills are excellent, they arrived when scheduled and cleaned up when finished. My home looks amazing! Thank Royaume Renovations for a job well done and we look forward to having you back for additional jobs.”

A. Richards

“In 2015 the home I was living in needed painting outside badly. To say that he does wonderful work is an an understatement. I had the pleasure of meeting the kindest, most personable, professional, man ever. He is very thorough and detail oriented. I highly recommend him!”

Rosemary Lee

newly construct kitchen

Kitchen Remodeling

Because kitchen remodeling can be a once-in-a-lifetime experience, why not work with a company that is educated to work within your budget and will be a partner throughout the remodeling process to create a budget-friendly space? As kitchen remodeling specialists, we recognize that each client’s taste and style are unique, which is why we take the initiative to carry out their vision.

The possibilities are endless, from cabinets to countertops, flooring to fixtures, and everything in between. As your design partner, we’ll walk you through the practical and aesthetic aspects of the process, ensuring that your kitchen matches your personal style and taste.

Each and every project is unique but here are the general phases that we complete in this type of project. The first phase is the demolition of the old cabinets and floors, then we patch the walls, and check on the electrical system. Then we install the new cabinetry or refurbish the existing cabinetry by sanding and painting it and then install the sink. Next, we install and grout the backsplash tile. Then we paint the walls and lastly, we install the new flooring and clean up before the project is complete.

Bathroom Remodeling

Your bathroom is unquestionably the most important room in your home. Every day, your family uses it to shower, brush their teeth, and do other regular duties. Any guests you bring will also use the bathroom for personal purposes, therefore it is your responsibility to keep this space in tip-top shape. The main benefit of remodeling or improving your bathroom is that it adds value to your property.

Not only do you get to try out the new bath for yourself, but you also earn a substantial profit when you sell the house. Consider this: if you were to purchase a home, which room would top your priority list? Homes with modernized and tastefully furnished bathrooms not only sell faster, but also have a premium price. If you’re ready to discuss bathroom improvements, please contact us to begin the process.
newly bathroom remodeled
A bathroom remodel begins with the demolition of the old shower, vanity, toilet, and floor. Then the new shower framing is put in place and the plumbing and electrical are done. Next, drywall and hardboard are installed, the shower floor concrete is poured, and then the new shower tiling is installed, grouted, and cleaned up. The shower glass door is installed and then the bathroom floor tile is laid with grout and cleaned. The walls are then patched and painted, and the vanity, toilet light, and mirrors are installed. Then the project is complete.

Attic & Basement Remodeling

Increasing the amount of space in your home does not always necessitate adding walls. Sometimes, additional space might be found within the current structure. If space is limited and you require additional space, consider the unused attic space currently there in your home. Depending on the existing structure, converting this space will cost significantly less than demolishing the walls and building an entire extension. Expanding into the attic space can result in the addition of a bedroom, home office, or family room.
remodeled attic
Extra living space can be found in the basement. Nowadays, the majority of homes have basements, many of which are unfinished. However, finishing a basement adds substantially more value to the home than finishing the attic. Basements frequently double the finished square footage of the home, offering much-needed extra room, recreational space, and equity in the property. When basements are finished, homes sell much more easily, ensuring that the entire value of the total square footage is realized.

An attic remodel begins with framing, installing the new AC system, running the electrical wires, and locating the switches, outlets, and fans. Next, we install, tape, mud, and sand the drywall. Once that is ready, the walls are ready to be painted. Then the switches, outlets, and fans are installed along with new flooring and stair railings. Lastly, the doors are installed and the project is complete.

Home Additions

Sometimes the home you have is simply not large enough, but you adore your neighborhood and so many other aspects of your home that you’ve determined that moving is not the answer. We’ll construct a unique design to ensure that the addition fits smoothly with the overall style of your home. To accomplish this, we collaborate closely with our clients, involving them throughout the process and encouraging them to share their ideas. Simply put, we will stop at nothing to ensure that your home addition blends seamlessly with the rest of your home.

The first step in any home addition project is to attain the proper building permit from the city. Once the permit is received, we begin framing the floor, laying down a vapor barrier, and then installing the plywood floor. Then we frame and install the wall and roof, then put in the insulation for both the ceiling and the walls. Next, we run the electrical wiring and locate all of the outlets, switches, and fans. Lastly, drywall is installed, taped, mudded, sanded, and painted and the project is complete.
remodeled house exterior

Exterior Remodeling

Is your home worn out? Want to improve your curb appeal? Are you considering installing a new patio for outdoor entertaining? Are you interested in more energy-efficient doors and windows? We have the experience and competence to tackle any exterior remodeling project!
remodeled living room

Our Remodeling Process

The most important decision you’ll make when remodeling your home is whether to do a simple update, a mid-range remodel or a high-end makeover. Naturally, your budget is a primary factor, which is why open, professional communication is critical throughout the process. Our team will collaborate with you to provide unique design approaches and creative ideas to assist you in visualizing your new home.

Following the initial meeting, the team will provide you with a free detailed estimate for the full plan, as well as meet with you as frequently as you need to. We will provide services at any stage of a project, whether it is a whole remodel that requires demolishing the area, moving walls, or installing new electrical and plumbing systems. Throughout all phases, our team will work closely with the engineers, architects, designers, and, most importantly, you.

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You’ve made the decision to improve your home, and now it’s time to get started. This means that you need the help of an experienced remodeler to make your dream into reality. As a team, we will work together to realize your vision while respecting your budget restrictions.

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