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Hardscaping Services in Lynchburg, VA

All of our designs are created specifically for your home. Our outdoor projects are designed to fit in with existing surroundings. We protect the environment with each project and make every effort to prevent wasting natural resources. We work directly with you to bring your artistic idea to life. Get an estimate on your next hardscape project by contacting us today!

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Royaume Renovations

We are committed to providing the highest quality services and craftsmanship possible. Our crew are remodeling, hardscaping and concrete construction professionals and look forward to bringing their experience and expertise to your next project.
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Royaume Renovations was founded on compassion – love for your project and your satisfaction; desire for sticking to schedules and budgets; and desire for work perfection. We listen to our clients—it is embedded in our DNA to be able to take a dream and turn it into a reality.

Whether you’re creating a dream home or remodeling an existing one to reflect your new visions, we know that this process demands an ongoing commitment to quality and strong communication. We aim to perfect our principles and incorporate them into each project that we do.

Hardscaping Services

The use of hard materials to give structural and visual beauty to your house or to fulfill a specific job, such as a retaining wall, patios, or outdoor kitchen, is called hardscaping. A hardscape is a wonderful option for defining your outside space and increasing the enjoyment of your place. To design and develop unique hardscape components, a number of bricks, stone, rock, and concrete are used.

Numerous elements of outdoor areas, both aesthetically and functionally, are dependent on hardscaping. A well-designed and nicely built hardscape will enhance both your enjoyment and the value of your home. We can assist you in determining the ideal hardscaping option for your property.
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Hardscaping Gallery

Take a look at our photo gallery to get a better idea of what we specialize in. If you like what you see, please fill out our contact form. We would love to speak with you about your project!

Customer Reviews

“His work was professional and well done. If something wasn’t to my liking, he corrected it. Was very in tune with my wishes. We are doing some more work in the spring and will be asking for a bid from him. He is reasonably priced as well.”

Barry Shaffer

“We were so blessed to have Royaume Renovations to paint our home. Their painting skills are excellent, they arrived when scheduled and cleaned up when finished. My home looks amazing! Thank Royaume Renovations for a job well done and we look forward to having you back for additional jobs.”

A. Richards

“In 2015 the home I was living in needed painting outside badly. To say that he does wonderful work is an an understatement. I had the pleasure of meeting the kindest, most personable, professional, man ever. He is very thorough and detail oriented. I highly recommend him!”

Rosemary Lee

retaining stone wall
retaining wall
lawn retaining wall

Retaining Walls

A retaining wall can be used in a variety of ways on your property, including to define your front lawn, to mark the property border, or to line the patio in your backyard. We offer retaining wall design and installation for properties of different sizes and appearances.

At Royaume Renovations, we can create any form of retaining wall, from a simple utility wall to a tastefully enhanced stone wall. Our team will take into account your particular preferences, the aesthetics of your home, and your budget.

Paver Patios

Constructing a new patio can significantly enhance your property’s beauty, functionality, value, and enjoyment. Oftentimes, when we see beautiful stone and brick patios, we forget how much work went into the final product. Our team is dedicated to delivering the long-lasting, stunning results you desire.

Constructing a fantastic patio on your own can take a significant amount of time and labor. That’s why our clients decide to delegate all of the heavy lifting to us. Just tell us what you want, and we’ll deliver.
paver patio construction
concrete sidewalk


Your walkway is one of the first aspects that a visitor to your home notices. Whether it’s the mailman, a friend, or a member of the family, you want to make a good first impression. Adding or improving the walkway on your property is a low-cost and straightforward approach to improve the appearance of your home. A path or walkway can also serve as a great connection between your front or back door and your patio or pool.

Fire Pits

We understand the critical nature of customizing all parts of a new outdoor structure to represent your unique wants and personality. A well-designed outdoor fire pit should be a place where you feel at ease spending time with your loved ones. It’s a place to gather with family and friends outdoors in a private, inviting, and entertaining area.

The design of your new outdoor area’s fire pit should reflect your personality, likes, and demands while also complementing the other features in your backyard. Royaume Renovations is a specialist in the construction of fire pits in Lynchburg, VA. We design and build fire pits with the goal of ensuring their safety and longevity. We understand how to accommodate a fire pit into any place you desire without sacrificing the aesthetics of your outdoor living space.


The first step in a monument project is to excavate the area, compact the base and lay and compact gravel. After that, the monument is built with concrete blocks and covered with the stone the client has chosen.

We then build the Monument with concrete blocks and lastly, the site is cleaned up and the project is complete.
wood steps

Wood Steps

The first phase of a wood step project is to cut and install the stair stringers. Secondly, the landing wood is cut and installed. Lastly, the railing is installed and the project is complete.

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